Newbie - no players work properly

I installed aTV Flash on a brand new aTV yesterday (25 Jan 2010), so presume I had the latest of all versions. The aTV firmware was also updated. No problem with the installation process - followed the video on this site - and no surprises on the way. Run NitoTV SmartInstaller - all fine... FTP'd some .MOV files across with Cyberduck and can see them, but when I play them they don't have vision (black screen) even though there is sound. The progress bar on the video and the controls all work fine. Also on Browser, streaming video files don't play. I don't want to go back to that old place where I might as well just convert everything to iTunes format and view using aTV without aTV Flash. Any advice/diagnostics really appreciated. pv

Did you ever figure this out?? I am a new user and have the same issue.

You may try removing and re-installing the Perian codecs. This can be done through the Maintenance → Install Extras menu as described here:

Did anyone get this working I reinstalled the Perian codecs but that didn’t fix it. Still .MOV files “don’t have vision (black screen) even though there is sound.”

You may try installing the 'Flip4Mac Codecs' through the Maintenance --> Install Extras menu. Flip4Mac will be required if your .mov files contain any WMA/WMV content.