Newbie help please

Hi, can someone please point me to a newbies guide to setting up infuse on ATV 4? I have searched extensively and cannot find one.

I have recently purchased the ATV 4, and installed the Infuse App. I love the look of it, but cannot get it to work the way I would like. I was previously running Plex through a mac mini connected to a 12TB WD Sentinel server.

I tried to get the Infuse a pop to connect directly to the server but no matter what I tried (auto and manual) it failed to connect. However, as I was previously using plex, I just connected to the plex Media Server and it worked fine. The issue I have is that I can select the “All Movies” folder on my Server, but then the Infuse app just shows all the movies, no sorting by genre. I have organised all my movies (2,500+) into genre folders on my server, but it appears as though infuse does not import the folder structure. I did try importing each folder and used favourites to link to each folder. That worked but it had no fan art etc, and looked very clumsy. I am all about aesthetics unfortunately.

So anyone who can point me in the right direction to get this app up and running would be most appreciated. It looks great if only I can get it to work correctly.

Thanks in advance

When browsing the ‘All Movies’ category provided by Plex, there will be no folders available.

However, if you browse through Infuse’s Library section, then Infuse will allow you to browse using a number of filters (Genre, date, rating, etc…).

The Library item will be visible in the main menu, and settings for it can be adjusted through the Settings > Library menu.