Newbie! Connection to Plex - Proper setup? (and one other question regarding libraries)

HI all,

I purchased infuse last night after seeing how well it handled direct play for my blu-ray rips…far better than the native ATV plex client. I planned on using it as a plex client for a plex server on my home LAN.

That being said, i’m wondering if i’ve hooked it up to plex correctly, as it caused a big problem. I turned on DLNA on the Plex server side, chose that server when it appeared as a share in Infuse, chose my “all shows” folder for my tv and anime libraries, and let it do its’ thing overnight. All seemed well and good.

Then i came back in the morning to a messed up library - my watched status was completely out of whack. Series that were completely unwatched had half the episodes suddenly marked watched, watched episodes were listed as unwatched, and a TON of episodes (i’d say roughly 60% of the library) were listed now with a watch “in progress”, usually with about 2 minutes of the episode watched. I looked at the activity log, and it looks like infuse went and “played” pretty much every episode in the library

Did i do something incorrectly to get these two hooked up? I’ve corrected all the watched status by hand, but i’d hate to have to go through and do it again if infuse does another media scan.

My second question regards library separation - i have my Anime and my TV shows in separate libraries on my plex server (my wife doesn’t like anime much so i keep the libraries separate so she can just click on “TV Shows”)…is there an easy way to replicate this in infuse?

Thanks in advance for any advice that anyone can provide.

I would skip DLNA and use SMB mount instead, and let infuse control the sorting, metadata, subtitles, cover art etc. I was using minidlna first but not anymore, Infuse ATV “library-view” is the substitute for the Plex client/server, keep in mind that DLNA could force infuse to behave differently.

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Yes, InFuse did the same to my watched status and after fixing that manually I found that specials in TV Shows aren’t recognised properly either. The supposed Plex support is broken and it seems that DLNA support in general is broken, Emby DLNA does’t work at all.

Perhaps it’s looking for embedded album artwork, i think there’s a way to turn that off in infuse. So it reads the first few seconds of the movie to create a thumbnail.