Newb in need of help

Yesterday i was installing a new router and ended up having to unplug my ATV2 which, for whatever reason, wiped the ATV2 and gave me the flashing light.  So, i went back through the jailbreak/aTVFlash process a few minutes ago, thinking it was just a random fluke and got everything reinstalled.  But then when i restarted the ATV2 via the on screen menu, it wiped again and i now have the flashing light again.  Am i missing a step, or something else obvious.  This is ridiculously annoying.



Ok, so after some googling I see that what I described is the result of a tethered jailbreak. I don’t like that all so I’m going to have to figure out how to revert to a previous version that suppprts a untethered jailbreak.

If you do not already have saved shsh blobs for the untethered version on your device then this is not technically possible.   In that case if you really cannot live with the tethered jailbreak then the only option currently available is to revert to standard 5.3 firmware that is not jailbroken.

Yeah. Just read that a while ago. Wish I had known that prior to undoing the jailbreak that the previous owner had performed. My own fault.

If it has previously been jailbroken, there there is a significant chance that the shsh blobs were saved at the time to the Cydia servers.   It might be worth checking if any are found for your device.

How would I go about that?


Check out the jailbreaking section of these forums, there are a lot of posts on that.

(In high pitch school girl scream)  Yayyyyy!!! :D Just got it squared away folks.  Thanks a bunch for the guidance.  I knew nothing about right clicking in SeasOnPass.  I just started working my way back through the versions until I got to version 5.1 - 10a406e, which worked for whatever reason.


Would anyone care to, in a short laymans explanation, tell me why exactly that version worked and the others didn’t.  I’m guessing the previous owner used SeasOnPass and just happened to upload the signatures for that particular firmware?  

If it worked then you must have had saved blobs for that release.   Whatever the reason the previous owner must have done something to cause the blobs to be saved.   I believe that the jailbreak process itself saves the blobs for the release it is jailbreaking if they are not already saved.   There is also the option within ATV Flash to backup firmware signatures.