New with Infuse (old Kodi user)


I am fresh with Infuse. I downloaded it today and I want to see if it is better then Kodi (MrMC on AppleTV 4k)

First: The interface on my AppleTV 4k is much better.

-The Data collector for TV shows and Movies is not so good like Kodi.
The TV show must be named all correct. There is no space for mistakes. I’ve got tv shows that a named like abc.s01e01. And the system can’t find the show. So I must rename all wrong shows to abc.s01.e01
Kodi does this job better

-I also miss Badges at the Movie Posters. Like for SD/HD/UHD/4k

-And my MrMC on the AppleTV 4k has Philips HUE support. Every time I start a movie or tv show my light will dimm down and dim his with pause/stop

Hmm, can you provide an example or two of filenames you are having trouble with? abc.s01e01.mkv should be working. Other supported naming styles can be found at Metadata 101 – Firecore

We don’t have any plans to add badges on posters for resolution, but you can see the resolution info on the video details page. You can also filter videos by resolution in Library > Movies > By Resolution.

Lastly, Phillips Hue is something we’re planning to add in a future update.

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Okay. Now I fixed it.
Sometimes there was a name like Family.Guy.106…
Or 10.Family.Guy.S6E10
Or Family.Guy.S6x10

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Ok great! Thanks for following up.

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