New Website, Who Cares!

Nice to see that Firecore spent time to update the look of the aTV Flash Black website but who would buy a product that hasn’t been updated in over a year? Come on, guys, why don’t you do something useful like update aTV Flash Black so we can get the newer channels or, even better, develop Infuse for Amazon FireTV or Roku. Infuse is awesome but 2nd gen Apple TV is so 2014!

Update 6/8: Anyone else think that FireCore is waiting for Apple to announce a new Apple TV with App store so that they can make us pay all over again for Infuse? Maybe at today’s WWDC but not likely!

I fully agree with you. As firecore is dependent on 3rd party jailbreak, and apparently harder and harder to crack (Apple TV), It is no future proof that Firecore can or will update their product. Infuse is very powerful and amazing, and would like to see a full android version AND for Firecore to get control over their own dev on a mediacenter.

I own a Minix X7 (Android) and would pay more to buy Infuse or a full “media OS” (meaning having the possibility to install other application if necessary) on it beside Infuse.
I don’t really understand how firecore can still not develop any android software, despite it represents 90% of the market nowadays?