new version of Seas0nPass

Hi guys,


It would be good if i get an official answer (if possible). I accidentally updated my apple tv 2 to 5.2.1 (the latest). there is no seas0nPass available for that version. I checked that the last update from apple was released January 28, 2013 and the new seas0nPass was available right after a month and a half.

Should we expect same with this new version?


Thank you

Help is Appreciated


since u updated and didn’t save your blobs you now just have to wait. it could take a week it could take a few months, it could be the end of the exploit only time will tell




i am an idiot updating to new firmware , f my life

download tiny umbrella and see if it gets your blobs, i was in same boat didnt realise they were saved on server.

I don’t get it please explain a little, I did not save blobs, how can I get it? Cheers


Don’t use tinyumbrella because it will added a host filing to your DNS… which later will cause you some issue on some computer if you restoring your device to current firmware especially if you have iphone or ipad.  to be safe use ifait to download and all available blobs that saved your devices and submitting new one. Tinyumbrella it good at some point if you only really need to used.  Remember in order to use tinybrella you must install java… recently US GOV already announce that Java could cause security breach on your computer.  just my 2cents…


I have wrote little tutorial how some one if stucking at new firmware and already have blobs saved or want to find out if they have any blobs saved previously.  see this thread might be help full for you