New version of Sapphire & Perian

There is a new version of Sapphire available, beta 7, It is said to include a lot of new features, can you tell me when it will be available on ATV Flash? also Perian has been updated over one week ago on OSX will the same appear on the plugins update menu on ATV?

i’d like to know as well,

Added support for the iPhone’s remote app gestures under 2.4 (This needs further testing)

The updated version of Perian will be available in an aTV Flash update soon.

An updated version of Sapphire will become available once a stable version is released.

[url=Sapphire Beta 7 – CoreData Preview 6 @ Sapphire Browser]


I believe this statement clearly states this version should not be exposed to general users. A user manually installing it knowing this information is one thing, but putting it in the automatic install system is another. There are some potentially nasty bugs in these versions, trust me.