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I have just purchased Apple TV and ATV Flash and I have a few questions:

-I have started ripping my DVDs to use on Apple TV and an external HD, can I display all the itunes and non-itunes content under one menu, or will avi’s(etc) be under a different menu?

-The only tabs on itunes under Apple TV are summary and photos, how do I sync music and movies?

That’s it for now, thanks in advance

Unfortunately iTunes and non-iTunes media will be located under different menus.

By default iTunes will be set to automatic sync, if you want a bit more control over what media is being synced to the AppleTV you can select the custom sync option in iTunes. Doing this will give you access to the other media tabs (movies, tv shows, music etc).

Thanks for the quick reply.

I meant that there are only 2 options in itunes under the apple tv tab.
Can I use the app to still get all the Meta data if all the videos are in itunes?

Thanks again.