New User with 2 Questions: Recently added list and grainy playback

Hello! So far I have been very happy with the look, feel, and performance of Infuse. I just have 2 issues. This is my first time posting here so I am unsure whether these questions have previously been addressed.

  1. Is there an option to have the Infuse Apple TV app show/list the most recently added movies and shows?

  2. Latest Infuse app on an Apple TV 4K on a 2022 Samsung 4K TV.

I have various 1080P and 4K MKV movies that look grainy/pixelated, especially during dark scenes, or scenes with black/night.

I have confirmed that this only happens with Infuse. When I play the exact same files with Plex on the same Apple TV, Plex on a Roku Ultra, Plex or VLC media player on Nvidia Shield Pro, or using Emby or Jellyfin, the files do not have the above issues. I have now tested this with over a dozen movie and TV show files. Is there an Infuse setting I am missing?

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To question 1, yes you can do that. If you go to Library > Movies > Long press on “Recently Added” and select “Pin to Home Screen” for a Right/Left scrolling list or “Add to Favorites” to add them as a single button favorite on the home screen that opens a new window listing the recently added movies.

Follow the same steps for TV Shows.

As to the grainy playback there are several things that may affect playback.

On the ATV itself make sure that match frame rate and resolution are both on. Many users find that if you set the output to 4K SDR with these settings it gives the best playback.

As to other settings in Infuse you can review the users guide to get a rundown of what does what here.


Is your TV an OLED? Could your issue be related to the same problem I reported (check my recently opened thread about artefacts / posterization)?

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Thanks for the reply. It looks like the above suggestion to turn on “match frame rate” and 4K SDR have eliminated the grainy issue for me. The TV I use in my home office is not an OLED. Just a Samsung AU8000. Will Try on the OLED later and hope for the same results.

THANK YOU!!! This has changed my experience with Infuse. Over the past few days, I had been using Plex just to avoid dealing with grainy videos. I found and turned on match frame rate and switched 4K HDR to 4K SDR. Problem solved though I couldn’t locate the resolution setting you mentioned.

I So nice to have Recently added to favorites though I can’t seem to find how to change the order of what’s in the favorite menu. I’m guessing it must be hiding in plain sight

Having forgotten one issue, I had stated 2 issues the other day. I don’t know if this third issue is a bug or maybe has something to do with my server setup. I’ve noticed over the first few weeks in using Infuse, at least half the time when I open Infuse, the “Watching” list at the top, does not show the last thing I was watching. I’ve actually had to go search for it because it’s sometimes just not in the Watching list.

Just in case it could matter, you mentioned Right/Left scrolling. I am using and have always used I guess it’s called up/down scrolling.

Again, thank you for your time and assistance. I started spreading the word about Infuse to everyone I know who streams media at home and I’ll continue to do so. So impressed with how smooth, simple, and uncluttered (looking at you, Plex!) Infuse is, I plan to buy Apple TVs for my mom and other family members so they can have a similar Infuse setup in their homes.

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He might have meant the other “match content” setting — Match Dynamic Range. This setting will automatically adjust AppleTV’s output between SDR and the different flavors of HDR (if your display supports the latter) based on the encoding of the content you play.

Don’t think this is available to us, yet … but if I’m wrong about that, I’ll be as happy to learn how to do it as you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Glad you got everything working!

The “Up Next List” can be configured in the settings to show recently added items and items you are currently watching, or only one or the other, or neither (meaning you turn it off).

These will scroll horizontally across (and off of) the screen.

Items should appear in the watching list when you began watching them but don’t finish (though items will be marked as watched and not appear in the list if you watched most of it — so you don’t need to completely watch end credits, for example).

With regard to TV series, this should continue until you’ve watched all the shows in a season. I believe it is an imminently forthcoming feature to continue utilizing the Up Next across seasons of a series.

If such items are not appearing in the Up Next list, one reason that might occur is if you are watching on multiple devices and iCloud syncing hasn’t occurred across the devices.

There have been problems lately with iCloud not working in the background as well as it used to — you might want to do a manual iCloud sync after finishing up on one device and prior to starting up on the other (if the program you were previously watching on the other device hasn’t shown up yet in the new device’s “Watching” list).

If none of the above explains your missing items, give a bit more information and maybe we can figure it out for you.

Glad it got things back on track for you!

Yeah, I got to typing and thinking at the same time and got lost, darn multitasking. I meant match range and rate and then to set 4K SDR.

This is reliant on iCloud sync, the ATV has to first do an iCloud sync after you watch something and then it has to do another sync when you open it to check for watched status that may have been sent by other devices on your account. If you go to the library settings page after watching something you can see the progress status of the iCloud sync and it should end with a message something like “Last iCloud sync…” with a time and date. You can also check the same messages when you open Infuse , it will go through the same routine checking for new updates. If you wait till the Last… message your watching list should be correct then.

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