New user problems

As a new user of Infuse Pro I obviously try to import all my movies and series into the library.
I have scraped all the metadata locally to .nfo files and all the various art of series, episodes and movies
Been a user of Kodi previously.

I still have 3 issues that I cannot figure out to solve.

1: Watched status - is there an easy way to mark a series/movie as watched? It takes quite a while when you have several movies

2: Multi episode files. For some series episodes I have double episodes in one file:
“The Shannara Chronicles. S01E01 S01E02. Chosen (1) - Chosen (2) 720p AC3.mkv”
This is not picked up by Infuse :frowning:

3: Money Heist - All the episodes in season 03 and season 04 are not being recognized. I guess it’s because of the airing order vs netflix order. BUT I do have local .nfo files and art for all those episodes - why is that not being used?
Is local .nfo not being used for tv shows?

Thanks for a nice product.

You can set infuse to automatically mark movies and shows as watched. Or long press on a movie which will show a menu to mark as watched.

Infuse uses for tv series metadata. For Money Heist, you need to follow the Aired episodes metadata, not the netflix one.

As shown on the right side, there is no season 3 or 4 for aired date, but is there for netflix data:

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In regards to the multiple episodes in one file you can add your support to a suggestion thread here by liking the first post.

There’s a suggestion post that may be one you’d like to add your support to in regards to the Money Heist season issue.

Also for marking TV series as watched I believe you can long press on the season folder or poster and mark the whole season as watched.

Thanks, I hope they will get added. It seems like they have been wanted for quite a while.

Regarding an easy way to mark movies and series as watched when you import a lot, would be nice too :slight_smile: