New User - Observations and Help Needed- Boxee/Pixel Setting

Hi there, first post after my initial install so I have a few issues to resolve

  • Boxee- does not boot up. I see an initial screen for a moment but then it all goes black until I hit the menu button and go back to the applications menu. I have followed instructions to install the latest version of Boxee and the two XDMC applications, but that doesn’t seem to make any difference

-Pixel Settings - on Applications such as Firefox and Slingplayer ( yup, managed to get this bad boy working pretty quickly!) I am unable to see the top toolbar of OSX. Is there a way of adjusting the screen resolution when you are in this type of environment? Is there a Preferances setion where I could set the res to 1028 / 780 for example to match my TV

-Flash - There are two different areas within aTV where you can install flash. In one it says its installed, in the other it isnt. I went onto the BBC website and tried to watch a video which didnt work so I presume Flash isnt working. Is there a way of just copying and dropping into a location on my Apple TV using Cyberduck? Could I just go on the Adobe site from firefox in Apple TV and install the latest version?

-VPN - I have access to a VPN in another country that I log onto on my Mac using the Network Pref section and setting up a VPN. Is there anyway I can do the same on the Apple TV?

Many thanks