New user, loving Infuse's video playback itself so far, have a few questions!

So I just started using Infuse on Apple TV to watch Plex; as far as video playback is concerned it’s GREAT; it doesn’t have frame skipping issues or lipsync problems.

However, I’ve had a few issues with browsing. The first one and most annoying so far is when I start Infuse I often get a screen that says “Optimizing Library – Your library is being optimized for better performance. Please keep Infuse open.” I can’t do anything else; if I follow instructions and leave Infuse open this screen never goes away. I have to kill Infuse by swiping it up and then it works fine when I launch it again.

The second is that it’s ALWAYS syncing. The little activity monitor in the upper right corner is always spinning. I can browse and watch my library fine, but this never stops and when I go into settings → Library I can see it very slowly scanning.

Is there any way to resolve these problems? I really want to keep using Infuse! I’ve never had such perfect video playback on my Apple TV from Plex. It’s just the constant syncing and that weird “Optimizing” screen that are ruining the experience.