New User Here...need some help

Hi All,

I was recommended to try this app out by a friend who swears by it but i’m having some issues.

  1. I have a Synology NAS and was wondering what is the preferable connection method (FTP, Webdav, SMB etc)?

  2. I’m testing it out (currently with Webdav) connected to my iPhone 7 and i can get for example an episode of south park to play (500mb) but can’t get any movies to play at all…are there any limitations of the free app (file size/codecs etc) that’s not specified so i can test out before buying?? (only difference i can see is that the south park eps audio are aac and most movies are ac3/dts…video (mkv/h264) is the same)

  3. Are there any issues with the AppleTV 4K?

  4. For the family sharing (Trakt TV), never used something like this… Do i make 1 account and then log in on each device using that 1 account? can multiple users be logged in at the same time or will it kick each of us out if were trying to access the app at the same time?

  5. Finally, if everything works out and I want to purchase the app to use with my family, am I purchasing the lifetime pricing (for me its $62.99 CDN) and i’ll be covered indefinitely? or is the standalone or subscription model the “better” value? i don’t mind paying for the app but that’s why i want to do some testing and connecting remotely to see if everything works as my buddy says it does

Thanks so much!

Hi - welcome to the forum!

  1. Synology devices support quite a few options, but most people end up using SMB or NFS. WebDAV also works, so you can just stick with that if it’s already set up and working.

  2. Due to licensing requirements Some file types require Pro. You can get a free trial by choosing one of the subscription options displayed on the purchase prompt. This will unlock all features for you to try.

  3. Infuse has been optimized for the ATV4K and generally things are working great.

  4. Family sharing works with up to 5 additional people. More info on how this works can be found here. Infuse Pro: Purchases, Upgrades, and Family Sharing

  5. All of the In-App Purchase options will cover all future updates (even major releases like v6, v7, etc…). The standalone paid app will cover v5 updates only. More details can also be found in the link above.

NFS would be the preferable method. It’s the fastest and also the one with the least amount of issues.

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@james - thanks for the info

When doing the in-app purchase to get the trial, if i select the monthly option but then like the program and want to go for the lifetime option, is there some kind of credit or pro-rated amount for the difference? or should i just go lifetime and take it from there?

also, can multiple users be logged into trakt tv account at the same time?

You can start a yearly subscription and that will give you a free month long trial. If you decide to go lifetime, just cancel your yearly subscription before the trial month is over and you won’t be charged.

Multiple users can log in to the same account at the same time on different devices, and if they are part of the same Family Sharing group they will be able to share the Pro features.


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