New User. Confused. Please Advise Best Options


I just got a shiny new apple tv running 2.3.1 and purchased atv flash (I am too busy to mess around to do everything that slow, albeit free way). I managed to install the latest version of atv flast (3.5.4?) successfully. My atpple tv crashed a few times trying to start up after the update but it was eventually up and running. I immediately noticed that the menus were not as responsive as they were before (is this a common issue?) but it is not too much of an issue. Also, the download bar in the flash drive creater is very inaccurate and this caused confusion as my downdload took almost 2 hours (not 3-10 mins as stated. Not sure why it took to long as it was <200mb). Looks liek there are lots of fun things to tinker with!

On to my question. The main thing I want to achieve from hacking is use an external HD to play movies (.vob and itunes compatible. I also have some avi’s etc that would be good to play but this is not a big issue) via the apple interface. I also have eyetv ready to export recorded tv to the apple tv over the network from my computer, so itunes syncing to the external drive is required.

I have found the documentation very confusing. What is the best way to enable usb access to acheive what I want to do? Will NitoTV allow me to view my files via apple interface and sync to itunes or not? Or do I need to manually enable usb access via ssh? I have a tiger 10.4.10 disc available. What is the best way to enable playing .vob and other via the apple interface? It is just easier to convert all my .vobs via handbrake? Any help would be appreciated

THanks in advance!

The external USB drive will be setup as secondary storage. You will be able to store and play your DVD and AVI files on the external drive. The internal drive will still be used for syncing media through iTunes.

External USB storage can be easily enabled by following the guide here:

Additional applications such as EyeTV can be installed by follow this guide:

Thanks for the reply. Ideally I would like to sync stright to the external drive. I read somewhere that this can be done (set up via terminal?). Nonetheless, this is not a big issue as long as I can play the (protected) music I purchased via itunes from the external drive. Is this possible? Or does protected music need to be synced across via itunes to playback? Has anyone tested this?
I am happy to report that my apple tv is now running smoothly again and xbmc looks great. I ran the nito tv smart installer and will test usb functionality tonight. I did notice one error in the install log for the smart installer but I am hoping that this will not affect functionality.

THank you for the support so far.

Yes, we have a guide for setting up the USB drive as primary storage. This will allow iTunes to sync to the external drive INSTEAD of the internal drive.

The process is not for the faint of heart, but it is outlined here:

I have run smart installer too and it still says “Empty Folder” ATV is not seeing my external USB drive. This is a bug in the ATV flash sw i think.