New Upgrade to Infuse 5 and save 30% offer questions

James, the app store now shows the “in app” purchase for “Infuse Pro” to be $4.99 which is about a 30% discount.

Is there any guarantee in writing that the “subscription” price will remain at $4.99 per year or can that increase each year if we sign up before the deal deadline?

Or is this just a “30%” discount regardless of what the subscription fee changes to?

Also, there’s nowhere on the application page in the app store that references a “subscription” so is it an automatic charge each year or do you get a notice that you have a payment due for the subscription?

Where does it state that the $4.99 is for a year?

If you don’t renew, do you get to keep the last version that you upgraded to without future upgrades?

James, I’m currently on the free trial until Dec 21st. Will I be subject to the 30% discount when i get charged after the trial period ends? If not, how can I go ahead and make the purchase now?

Yes, you will be eligible for the 30%. Just read the announcement again carefully.

The In-App Purchase option available in the new free Infuse 5 app is an annual subscription. This is clarified below the ‘free trial’ button, as well as on a second confirmation from Apple that appears when you choose to start your trial. You can also see a confirmation in the Settings > App Store > Apple ID > Subscriptions menu (see attached).

The discounted price ($4.99 in the US) is available through Dec 11th, and anyone who subscribes (or starts a trial) before then will receive the $4.99 price now, and for all renewals going forward. This will remain a fixed price, regardless of what the current subscription price is (however if you cancel and resubscribe you would lose the discount). If you choose not to renew, the app would remain on your device but without Pro features.

On December 12th the price will be returning to the normal level ($6.99 in the US) though this will only apply to those who signup on or after that date.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

What is the difference between Infuse Pro 5 for $12.99 and the annual subscription (currently $4.99 through In-App purchase)?

The annual subscription will cover all updates, while the standalone app will only include updates for v5.

Some features in both.

Hmmm, if I would have known that you were going to offer a discount for the annual subscription… then I would have chosen that one. Last week I downloaded the Pro version fo 12,99 :frowning:

I did the same but switched to the subscription model yesterday due to the improved subscription offer.

On the email receipt for your Infuse 5 Pro purchase there should be a link to request a refund. Once you have the refund (mine was immediately accepted and processed) you should delete Infuse 5 Pro from your iOS/tvOS device and install Infuse 5 and do the in-app purchase of the free 1 month trial + subscription.

As long as you request the refund promptly you should have no problems.

I found it was important to delete Infuse Pro 5 before installing Infuse 5 … Otherwise you might have problems starting up Infuse 5 (had this problem on my ATV4)

If we assume that it take firecore the same time frame from v5 to v6 as it did from v4 to v5, the annual subscriber will pay more than the one off payment option. (Is. Feb 2012-Nov 2016 = 4 x annual subscription (approx $20 (even with 30% discount) vs $13 for one off price)

In short you could pay a lot more on an annual subscription than just paying out right for v5. So what is the plan James with regards to future version releases?

Am I as a customer supposed to gamble on which is the best option financially speaking? I think you make a great product and I don’t mind paying for it. But I do take exception to paying more for the same product depending on you which option I choose / your future version plans.

Or have I got this new system wrong?

Thanks! I tried the refund option and it worked :slight_smile:
I already bought the anual subscription and am now configuring Infuse again. I’ve loved this player since day-1, and am very happy with V5!

v4 was released in 2015.

v4 was released on February 2016. v3 was released on October 2014.

According to your own release record, v4.0 was released in Feb. 2016, I bought the Pro version end of June 2016; do. you still think it’s fair to charge for an update after less than a year (or even 4 months in my case)?
It’s about the principle, not the money!

When I start the one month trial, am I committed to a one year subscription after this one month, i.e. will I automatically be charged, or I will then (after a month) have the choice to subscribe for one year or not?

Thanks for the feedback.

What we’ve moved to with the annual subscription in Infuse 5 is a more fair way of handling upgrades. Instead of buying an app at some point in time and guessing at when the next major version is going to come out, you can subscribe to a lower-cost subscription which covers all future updates. This is the upgrade model Apple has suggested for developers at this year’s WWDC, and is one that we feel treats everyone fairly while enabling us to continue developing and improving upon the app.

By starting a trial you’re under no obligation whatsoever. You can cancel at anytime during the first month and you will not be charged.

thanks for your responsiveness and the reply. I don’t want to go into the pricing considerations anymore since it leads no where; it is your business and you can/should choose the business model which suites your requirements best; it is a free market.
I only think that Firecore didn’t manage the transition well. A Pro user of version 4 payed more than a non-Pro user and yet you treat them equally and this is not fair, IMO.
In the transition from one price model to another, you like to keep your previous installation base and expand it; this needs more “thoughtful” treatment; 5 (Subscription), 10 (4 Pro) or 13 (5 Pro) $ won’t break me or many others but you wouldn’t feel “honoured” if you pay 10 for a Pro app and after 4 Months this app is abandoned and the developer asks you for “another” 13 to get future updates.
You blame Apple for that, but Apple does not forbid you from supporting your previous app with updates for at least one year from the moment you issue a new version. This helps you keeping your faithful customers for the benefit of your business.
Anyway, as long as your deliver top quality, you can ask for top prices and also sell for these prices; again the issues you didn’t manage well IMO is the transition and the trust of your customers.
All the best wishes and keep the good quality.

I don’t disagree. Looking back there are a number of things we could have done differently to make the transition a bit smoother.

One of our biggest concerns was treating In-App vs Paid app users the same, and that turned out to be difficult to do. Had we done it all over we may have been able to come up with something better, but ultimately we wanted to encourage people to go for the subscription since I strongly feel that is the fairest proposal for both sides.

Nevertheless, this is our first paid upgrade and we’ve learned a lot as a result. We should be able to do better the next time around (which thankfully won’t be for awhile).

Your responsiveness means that you care; good luck and keep the good things coming (e.g., “Plex Connection”, ISO and perhaps BlueRay)

This is seriously disappointing. Purchased Infuse 4 Pro on December 8, 2016 for my AppleTV 4 thinking that only an annual fee could bring you Infuse5 Pro. And have to see now that I could have bought it any way. Either poorly communicated or poorly read, in any case not a happy camper.

It was laid out pretty clear on the Infuse Blog dated Nov 21, 2016

It talked about both the subscription as well as purchasing the standalone app. complete with links to the app store.

Read the section under “Try Infuse 5…for free!”

The stand alone version is also linked to on the app store page for the subscription version.