new upgrade Apple TV from apple (include remote)


“Apple Thursday released an update to the Apple TV software that adds support for MobileMe and the new free Remote application available from the App Store.
In addition to changing all references to .Mac to MobileMe, the update adds a new Wish List feature, letting you add various movies to a Wish List. Once there are items in the Wish List, a Wish List option appears at the top of the Movies menu.
The update takes the Apple TV to version 2.1 and is available from the Apple TV’s General Settings menu”

I did the upgrade 3.01 atv flash.
Can I do the upgrade from Apple ?
Sorry my bad english

NitoTV, Sapphire, and Media Cloud all seem to have issues with the 2.1 Apple TV version.

We are working on a new version right now that will allow those of you who are running aTV Flash 3.0 on Apple TV 2.0.2 to update to the aTV Flash 3.1 version WITHOUT performing a factory restore. This way you can have all the great, new features right now until the plugins are updated for the Apple TV 2.1 version.

With any luck we will have this out later today, or early tomorrow.

Keep an eye on the front page of our site.

I think its not compatible with the version 2.1 from Apple.
The version 2.02 works with ftp, but i see that YTube don’t work and i try a new factory restore.
I did an factory restore and upgrade from 2.02 to 2.1 and then an install aTV Flash.
The reboot from the AppleTV getting in a loop and let see continue the Apple Vignet.
Then i must do a factory restore to end this loop in AppleTV.

Then de Apple TV is again on the version 2.02.
I make as new install with aTV Flash 3.1 without the plugin Media Cloud as you told in message earlier.
All going good but i did then an upgrade to version 2.1 from Apple and nothing is visible from version aTV flash 3.1.
Now the appleTV works as normal standard and no ftp connection,
What can i do to let it work properly, wait on yr new version?

The 3.1 version is not yet fully compatible with the 2.1 version released by Apple yesterday. You can install the aTV Flash with the 2.1 software, but the nitoTV, Media Cloud, and Couch Surfer plugins are not yet compatible, so they must be disabled for use with 2.1. All plugins are still compatible with software version 2.0, 2.0.1 and 2.0.2.

We are working on an update to make the incompatible plugins functional again under the new software.