New updates planned for aTV Flash???

I am using aTV flash on my appleTV almost daily and I really like it. It is a superb piece of software. Since the updates were coming in rapid pace I got a lifetime subscription some time ago.

Recently, I have observed most update effort goes to Infuse for iPad/Iphone. Another piece of great software that I use as well.

Question is, what new versions are planned for the aTV Flash / Infuse for ATV2?


i also bought a lifetime and am wondering this as well

Havnt seen an update in months, despite new version of the OS coming out for aTV from Apple… Sure would be nice to see soemthign soon.

Quite some time back James mentioned something about working on merging the code for the ATV and iPhone/iPad versions of Infuse.

Maybe when the iPhone/iPad version has all the facilities of the ATV version this merge will be completed and developments for the ATV and iPhone/iPad version can move forward together … One can at least hope.

The next version of aTV Flash (black) is mainly dependent on the availability of the Apple TV 6.x (iOS 7) jailbreak.

So far, there have been some encouraging signs, but a firm ETA has been a bit elusive.

New Untethered jailbreak is now available… So, should we expect a new update soon ?

I’m interested in knowing as well. 

Where is the new untethered jailbreak at?