New updates for 1st gen ATV?

Does anyone know if we expect any more updates for the 1st gen ATV in the future or is FireCore focused on the 2nd gen from now on?


This is just crazy talk…update…  I’m predicting your official response will be "in the next few months’’ or something encouraging like that…  i liked what i had but i guess when i signed up again for lifetime updates, i didn’t realize that it would be updates that would not apply to the system i had. 


“expect” - yes, anyone who paid another bunch of money for what they already had DID expect something like that…but expecting and being provided with, thats a whole different thing i guess

The plan is to bring a number of the features being designed for the ATV2 to the first gen model as well.

The ATV2 features need to be a little further along before we can work to migrate them to the older model so please hang in there.

As a side note - if you bought aTV Flash before Dec 1 2010 your license is valid for the black AppleTV as well, should you ever decide to update.

Is this still in the works?

Any movement at the station re: 1st gen hardware?