New (Untethered) Jailbreak Coming With IOS 7?

There has been quite the buzz in the iPhone/iPad Jailbreaking community regarding an anticipated untethered jailbreak for IOS devices this Fall.

The last Apple update left both iPad and iPhone users with unbreakable versions of the software, but with the promise of an untethered jailbreak from evasi0n with IOS 7 which is in Beta and scheduled for release sometime this Fall.  It was two IOS updates ago (6.1.2) where the last untethered version was available for the iPhone and iPad.

There seems to be a parallel with the Seasonpass. It was two updates ago (5.2) when the Apple TV last had an untethered jailbreak.

Would any of our resident experts know how the next IOS update will affect the 2nd Gen Apple TV’s?  Is there a new jailbreaking strategy “behind the scenes” to get excited about?

With the sinking realization that there will never be a jailbreak for the 3rd Gen of ATV, is it reasonable to think that there ever again will be an untethered opportunity?

Or are those days gone along with the prospects of another untethered Jailbreak? 




Please, allow me to ADD my name to the list of those waiting to hear an answer to these questions…good thoughts.