New TV, UHD Iso's stuttering

First of all, I love this software. But now, I have a new Samsung 950R 8K TV and Apple TV 4k with Infuse 6 Pro. Since the television change, some of my 4K UHD Complete Iso’s are stuttering (Midway, Thr Grinch Animated, Dr. Dolittle 2020, …). Everything worked on the old TV. The same files run with a different app, which unfortunately is not as good as Infuse. Where’s the problem?

It’s probably going to be a wrong combination of settings on the TV and the ATV. Some TVs have features like smoothmotion or truemotion that may be causing some stuttering as well as the settings on the ATV for matching frame rate and dynamic range. I’d suggest turning off the motion settings on the TV and letting the ATV and Infuse handle the video controlling.

Thank you for your answer. I will try. But same TV + Apple TV + MrMXXX and no stuttering at all of this movies.