new TV app on iOS/tvOS

Hi James,

Do you know what is involved in getting Infuse to be part of the new TV app that is coming to iOS and tvOS devices? Also what ever happened to universal search for tvOS? I though that was supposed to be opened up to devs.

Apple has not yet released any API details for the new TV app, or universal search on tvOS. So far everything has been invite only for content providers. :frowning:

The new TV app is more meant for apps from companies like CW where they can put their ‘next airing’ and ‘now airing’ in. I don’t see what Infuse should be doing in that app.

You might be watching a movie in infuse and in netflix. The tv app could combine all sources to see what you are currently watching so you don’t have to switch between apps to find it.

The TV app is meant to keep track of what you are watching, regardless of the source. Integration of Infuse would actually fill a much needed hole which is local sources.