new to this, how do I tether boot if My aTV is in different place to my iMac?

I’m trying to put the latest version of Apple Tv 4.4.3 and newest ATVflash v1.0 on my Aple TV 2 (Black).

I seem to have jailbroken it ok, but my iMac is downstairs and the TV I use it with is upstairs, so it says in instructions to do a tethered boot, connecting power cord, HDMI etc, but what happens when I switch off the Apple TV 2 to take it upstairs? how can I overcome this, or can tI?\

please help the wife is going mad as I can’t get it working, and at the moment its a door stop!!

A tethered boot is currently required for the 4.4+ and later AppleTV software. This requires a Mac/PC within close proximity to where the AppleTV will be used.

If this does not make logistical sense for you, your best option will be to run Seas0nPass normally which will install the 4.3 version, which is untethered.

Ok this is pointless to me, I really need the mirroring function, when will 4.4 become the norm - untethered please?

so i will hav to do the normal untethered 4.3 for now. but for some reason I’m struggling to re-jailbrake, and in tall v1.0 on…at the moment my aTV2 is a door stop.

It opens iTunes, but then can’t find the firmware, and I try to click on the file in finder but it won’t, plug it into TV and it just shows a icon of iTunes and a USB lead

@James (moderator): rather than telling us that aTV 4.4.3 requires a tethered boot (like a broken record), can’t fireCore just give an answer to the question that we are all asking? …which is, just give us an idea of when the untethered version will be released! We need to know this timeline to see whether we can wait it out or if we must seriously deal with downgrading and tiny umbrellas and other such technical issues. I would not have upgraded to 4.4.3 if I had known the ramifications, but I like to think that working with the latest available upgrades on anything is a requirement, not a hindrance. Just tell us how much longer to wait; I don’t want to think about jumping through unknown and countless technical hoops to try to go backwards.

I suspect that the reason no one is giving a date is that they have no idea - and may not even be able to guarantee that a untethered boot is possible. After all, it is not just the ATV2 that is waiting for an untethered boot - all iOS devices running iOS5 are waiting as far as I know.

I, too, have noticed that (to my knowledge) no one ever reply to this question.  I think it’s a reasonalbe to ask when an update will be available.  I believe most of us would understand if the reason for the delay is that it’s difficult to create a 4.4.3 jailbreak, or that you’re just not able to give us a good “estimate” of delivering a jailbreak at this time.  If it’s not in the foreseeable future, say so. Then we can decide to jailbreak or wait for the update.  Please, any ETA would be appreciated. 



I’m also extremely eager to see an untethered version to the new iOS for ATV’s :slight_smile:

But looking at the forums and to who’s posting on the blog and Twitter pages, I think James (our moderator) is one of the few people working at/for/with Firecore… I wouldn’t be suprised if the Firecore team is a very small team, and simply not able to answer everyone’s questions and working on an untethered jailbreak at the same time as the daily job. Personally I would love to see an estimate obviously, but I don’t think they can actually give us one at the moment.

I have an iMac in a different room (although I jailbroke with my macbook for convenience).  However, if I didn’t have the macbook, I would have simply unplugged the imac, carried into the living room where my TV is and performed the jailbreak in situ.  Once the ATV is booted, as long as you don’t turn it off at the wall, it won’t require tethering again.

It’s an all-in-one machine, it’s not difficult to unplug, pickup and move.  A little inconvenient, but not difficult and won’t take that long.

Good idea :slight_smile: I’m pretty lazy when it comes to putting effort in lifting my computer to bring it to the ATV, but it is a very simple solution :slight_smile:

 Indeed, pick it up and carry it. I have had to do this since the last 2 updates have not worked via my black 

macbook, although there may be a work around for that, when I am willing to try it. Leave the power plugged in for the whole process from install to tethered boot.

One man’s “a little inconvenient” is another woman’s “six-hour project.” My husband is disabled, so not only would I need to buy a cart to carry and place a very heavy all-in-one, I’d need an elevator to get it downstairs. Plus, our computer loft is filled with custom cable management because an iMac was not designed to be a portable machine. That’s why God made wireless routers. We need what the other versions have… an untethered version, please.


For some, this is not a problem, especially if they do not have to relocate the aTV daily.  For me, I connect my AppleTV to the TV in the living room during the day and the bedroom TV at night.  They are several feet apart, so I do not want to run the jailbreak twice a day.  

All we are asking is an estimated time of arrival for the untethered boot. Most people asking are very polite about it, they just want an ETA to make a decision.  If the answer is "we do not know at this time" or "it may be 2 or 3 months,"  then fine. Then I would be able to make a decision to stay on 4.3 untethered if the new AppleTV features are not important to us or to upgrade if they are.  

For me a tethered connection is not an option. I love ATVFlash 1.0.  I now use Media Player instead of iTunes and XBMC play all my video files. I also want to use the new AppleTV features in 4.4.3.  If I knew the ATV Flash untethered version were 3 or more months down the road, I would install 4.4.3 and wait for the untethered version of SeaOnPass. I guess I can wait a couple of more weeks to see if we can get an update status.  Hopefully we'll hear something by then.


For everyone that keeps pestering FireCore for an untethered iOS 5 jailbreak… let me clue you in…


There will never ever be an ETA for any jailbreak tethered/untethered. Every single development on this front is done ASAP… so there is your “ETA”… ASAP

This is part of owning an iOS device… you just have to be patient and wait… and also understand that it could be days, weeks, months, years or never. There is no guarantee. Ever.


The other thing you guys have to realize is that FireCore are not the ones that discover how to do an untethered jailbreak. Other bigger iOS cracking teams like the Chronic Dev Team are the ones who are on the forefront of iOS 5 jailbreaking. Once they’ve figured it out and put out their own jailbreaking methods, FireCore will repackage it into the easy to use Seas0nPass that we’ve come to love. So in essense, you guys are barking up the wrong tree. FireCore has no idea when Chronic Dev will figure out how to perform a consistent untethered iOS 5 jailbreak… as they are not the same group of people.


If you want to pester someone for an ETA on the untethered iOS 5 jailbreak, go pester the Chronic Dev Team. FireCore has absolutely nothing to do with it. This is why no one from FireCore is answering, because they have no idea. You’re all asking the wrong people.


As soon as someone else puts out the first iOS 5 untethered JB, you can guarantee to see a Seas0nPass update within 24 hours typically.



So why didn’t fireCore give this answer sooner? It was the ignoring of the question that had everyone asking it. We ask because we don’t know, and it appears that you know a lot more than we do, so thanks for finally sharing. An answer is an answer, and this is an answer, even though there were a lot of flames attached to it. I guess you shut us up real good, huh? Peace…

Sorry for the flaming, this is just about the 30th time I’ve had to explain this to people on FireCore forums and it’s gotten old…

It just seems like almost everyone who uses Seas0nPass has assumed that FireCore is the group that finds the exploits in iOS for the AppleTV… when it reality they simply take the exploits found by others and package it into a user friendly app.

The reason they won’t answer these questions is because they’re a for profit business… sure Seas0nPass is free… but they want you to buy ATV Flash. As a business they don’t want to admit they don’t know something. Most business don’t provide answers to questions when they don’t know the answer or the answer could impact their business. I’m actually worried about making this comment… I hope the mods don’t mind I don’t mean it in any offense to FireCore.