New to 'this', can someone confirm my downloaded shsh blobs?


I’m new to ATV’s and JB’ing.
Just picked up a ATV2 running 5.0.2 un-tethered and downloaded the shsh blobs using tinyumbrella.
It’s came back with:

All the files are 6kb.

If my very limited knowledge of apple signing is accurate, even if I am happy with 5.0.2, now I have the blobs, is it worth doing/advisable to update to 5.3 while it is still being signed just so I can then download the shsh blob for this version in case I need them later, and am I correct in thinking I can put 5.0.2 back on if I wish (not sure of any immediate advantage of doing this)?

Any advice appreciated!


it’s great you have previous sig. saved on cydia, but you don’t need them because apple is still actively signing 5.3. Down loaded the currrent season pass and plug in your apple tv it will do all of the work


Thanks, but saved on Cydia?
Dowloaded via tinyumbrella on my pc (sorry, said I’m new to this)
If I load seasonpass and 5.3, will I be able to go back to 5.0.2 if I needed to?

Also, will upgrading wipe all the current downloaded apps on the ATV?

Yes, you will need to reinstall everything after rejailbreaking.  I would leave it alone on 5.0.2 and save your 5.3 blobs in case you want to upgrade in the future.

Thanks, so to save 5.3 blobs, I need to upload it to s/w 5.3 first yes, save the blobs, then download back to 5.0.2?

No, you can stay on version 5.0.2 and use iFaith to fetch and locally save the latest blobs Apple is actively signing.

In regards to upgrading to 5.3 I think Apple offers a few more programs and you can switch your icons around and stuff like that. Also I think bluetooth was added sometime after 5.0.2 If you’re using PLEX you may want to check to be sure it works on more recent versions.

Thanks for the response.

To confirm, I d/l the blobs using tinyumbrella and got the first five files all at 6kb.
Then, after around four hours of .net framework errors, I got iFaith working and d/l the more recent apple signings at 5kb - all the 5kb and 6kb files are IOS version.
Then it asked me if I wanted to save some other type of shsh available, and I d/l the ATV versions which are all 63kb.
Does it sound it like that all went well, correct file sizes etc…?

Thanks again.

That sounds about right.  The ones that are ~6kb include the ECID.  You can obtain the blobs for future firmware by simply entering the ECID into iFaith without the need to connect the ATV.   I believe the larger 63kb blobs are the ones cydia saves to it’s servers.  Does it show any of your available blobs saved on the cydia or iFaith servers in iFaith?  Having them saved on the servers seems to be rather hit & miss for most of us unfortunately.

Errored out when I tried to upload, will try again this evening.