New to jailbrake

Hello all.

I have an ATV2 and I want to jailbrake it and run xmbc and the fire core add on. I know I am running on 6.0.2

I need to run an untethered jailbrake due to not having a laptop to boot the ATV.

Can someone give me a place to follow a step by step. I saw ppl having problems listed on the fire core website

Plenty of guides around if you do a search… as a mattter of fact here’s one found right here on the main page of the jailbreaking forum, under the topic  Jailbreaking 101 w/ Seas0nPass

The only thing I’d add to most of the giudes is use seasonpass 0.9.5 (latest). It doesn’t use itunes so don’t worry about that step in the guides, and it produces an untethered 5.3 jailbreak.