New to InFuse Pro: Some issues


I’m currently demoing InFuse Pro for Apple TV for 30 days, using my Plex server to stream MKV rips of my blu-ray collection. I’m loving the DTS Audio passthrough but I’m having some issues that make Infuse less enjoyable than the Plex client App:

  1. On initial setup, “Recently Added” doesn’t work properly; instead of showing what I’ve actually recently added, it shows the last thing Infuse scanned (the films that come last in my library alphabetically). This is pretty silly. Can Infuse not take date added into account? I understand that any films I add from this point forward would show up as ‘recently added’, but if I ever had to remove/add my library I’d be back to square one.

  2. Some films don’t show up with the movie poster I’ve assigned to them on the Plex server; instead, Infuse appears to be pulling down it’s own poster art. Is there any way to get the posters of my choosing to appear for all of my films? Should Infuse not pull this from the Plex server?

  3. It’d be great if when the app launched, it just went directly to a screen of my movies, arranged by release date. Having a big blank screen with just the Infuse logo and a big button for “movies” is kind of silly & unnecessary when there’s just the one library, not to mention ugly & confusing. At the very least, it’d be nice to see my recently added media (TRULY recently added, not recently scanned) on this screen, with buttons to individual libraries below.


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  1. Recently Added will reflect when an item is indexed by Infuse. This (along with the ‘Watching’ section of the Up Next list) will stay in sync via iCloud between devices, so it shouldn’t be a problem if you add a new device, or have to reinstall for some reason.

  2. Infuse connects to Plex via DLNA, and unfortunately we won’t have access to any of the manual artwork or metadata you may have added. One way around this would be to connect to the share directly (not through Plex) via SMB, NFS, FTP/SFTP, or WebDAV. Doing this would allow you to set your own metadata and artwork for specific cases. A bit more info on the options can be found here. Metadata 101 – Firecore

  3. What a lot of people do is add Favorites for various categories they want to have quick access to. This allows you to get to the things you watch most with a single click from the home screen. You can even set custom artwork for these (a gallery of user created samples can be found here Dropbox - Showcase - Simplify your life). A guide with more info on this can be found here. Setting Up Your Library – Firecore