New to Infuse. Need help to download/sync shows


I am brand new to the app. I will be using it mainly to transfer shows from my NAS to my phone and playback videos locally for my commutes or at the gym. I have been able to successfully add shares through SMB.

As I understand it, to be able to download a show to my device, I have to browse to the share, mark it as a favorite, and then it will show up in my library. In order to download it to my phone, I have to find the episode and click download. If I have multiple seasons of the same show synced/downloaded, I would like them to be group together by show name and then by Season.

The directory structure on my NAS is as follows:

Show Name
Season 1
Episode 1
Episode 2

Season 2
Episode 1

  1. Is there a way to sync an entire show, or an entire season at a time, without having to click and download each individual episode?
  2. Also, is there a way to mark a certain share to auto-sync? That is, if the folder is marked to auto-sync, it would download new files if they showed up on the share?

Thanks for the help.

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Marking a folder as a favorite, and downloading that way is one option.

A quicker way, which doesn’t require setting anything as a favorite would be to browse to the files via the Add Files menu and tap the download arrow icon that appears to the right. This will allow you to queue up multiple files in a matter of seconds.

Once downloaded, the same Library capabilities will be available, so you’ll get artwork/synopses, and everything will be organized nicely be series/season.

Thank you for your reply. This is what I have been doing. So if I understand correctly, there is no way to download and entire folder with 1 action? For example, with a download arrow icon on the folder itself? I understand I can click on each individual file, but it would be nice for example to download an entire season with 1 stroke, especially as some shows have 20 episodes etc. Also, When I clicked on each individual episode, the seasons were not grouped together by show. At least in infuse 4, have not tried 5 yet.

I could not find this feature even now in 2020. It is still not there, is it?