New to Infuse & Apple TV - Quick Question! Thanks!

Hi there,
I just set up my ATV4K with Infuse Pro 6.

I have all of my ripped content on my media server.

Each TV show and movie has an XML file in the folder with the movie. The XML contains the metadata.

When I open Infuse and browse the media files, they show up with all weird art and the wrong descriptions.

Is there anything I can do to use the already saved metadata files from the DLNA server I’m browsing?

If I use SMB, would that solve the problem?

Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated!

FYI- The program has excellent PQ, and really easy to use!

Welcome to the forum!

Give SMB (Auto) a try. DLNA connections tend to handicap Infuse in many ways and you’ll get the most benifits from Infuse with other than the DLNA connections.

Infuse does a great job of fetching metadata and artwork so you may want to try it without your own metadata and see what you think. You can use your own metadata if you don’t like what Infuse produces.

Hi, and thanks for the response!

I’ll give SMB a shot. Is there a way to combine multiple ‘movie’ shares into a single entry in Infuse?

I have multiple drives on my media server. I’d hate to have to add 5 ‘movie’ folders.

Yes, you can add all of your different shares and then when you browse the “Library” in Infuse it will show all of your movies together and give you many options to view by different criteria such as genre, release year, collections, etc. You can then also browse by the individual movie shares if you have them ordered in a way that you prefer in some instances.

I didn’t find this to be so easy with DLNA. It looked like I had to create favorites to put onto the main page.

Is it the same with SMB?

A little clarification, shares are the directories on your servers that you want Infuse to look at for files. Favorites are either the shares you have added or specific sub directories that you want on the main page. You don’t HAVE to have any favorites on the home screen but most people do. The Library can be used to browse all of your TV shows and movies and you can even add some of the specific Library sorts as a favorite on the home screen if you like. For example you can have a favorite on the home screen that is all of your Comedy Movies or all of your movies released in the 90’s, etc.

There are some great users guides here Infuse – Firecore and there are some there that discuss setting up your library Setting Up Your Library – Firecore and how to add shares Streaming From a Mac, PC, or NAS – Firecore . There’s also a section on creating custom favorites Managing Favorites & Lists – Firecore

It may look complicated at first but once you get into it you’ll find it’s not bad at all.

Excellent! I will definitely give this a shot later tonight!