New to Infuse Adding 4 Plex shares Questions:

As title says, here are some questions I have:

  1. Will Infuse continue to fetch metadata content as long as I have the app open, or do I need to be in the Library settings directly and leave the screen on as it 'fetches content from (enter Plex share here). If I close the app, or go to watch a show, will it continue to fetch? It’s been over a week now and it’s still fetching metadata (I have it fetching metadata from 4 Plex share servers which each have a considerable amount of content).

  2. How much space would metadata take up on my Apple TV? Right now Infuse says 634MB, but it’s still fetching content. At the moment I have about 60K movies and 650K TV shows…and counting.

  3. I also have Plex on my ATV and I’m worried I’ll run out of space; there doesn’t seem to be a way to see how much space Plex is taking up in metadata on my ATV and managing storage on the ATV is almost impossible. At the moment I have a 32GB ATV, but it’s almost full and only has about 2GB left.

  4. If it takes weeks (months?) to fetch all the metadata, and if it DOES all fit on my ATV, do I have to do this for every ATV in the house, or, if I get a new ATV, go through all of this again? I don’t seem to remember this ever being an issue with Plex. I would just sign in and everything would pretty much just ‘be there’.

Any help appreciated! Thanks!

I can’t seem to find a way to see how much storage the metadata is taking up on my MacBook Pro. Is there a way?

I don’t know how Infuse is doing it, but I’ve never had this issue with Plex. I have 60 000 movies and 645K TV shows (so far) in my Plex shares, and with Plex, the metadata was just always…there. With infuse (I just started using it) my 4 Plex shares are taking weeks to fetch (so far). Not sure the difference between Plex and Infuse, but so far getting all the metadata in Infuse seems to be taking forever, though at the moment the Metadata says 623MB.

  1. It will fetch as long as you have it open and aren’t playing anything. Background processes are iffy so no guarantee it will keep fetching indefinitely if not open.

  2. Based on this you have pre-cache images disabled for your plex shares (which you should and if not disable it). This means most of the metadata it keeps is just text and not the images. It will fetch images from plex as it needs it. The number you gave sounds fine.

  3. Infuse doesn’t take up much. Not sure about plex app. maybe something else is using it but recommend 5-7GB free otherwise it will clear the cache.

  4. You will need to do this for each device but because plex hosts all the information it would be much faster than doing it as a file share (smb, nfs, ftp). Make sure you have good network connections to your shares.

PS I am not a Plex user, but I think I have understood how it works. Others feel free to correct me

I can’t seem to find a way to see how much storage the metadata is taking up on my MacBook Pro. Is there a way?

If you go to preferences, it’s at the bottom of the first window that comes up, it is labeled METADATA.

To be clear, this is on the default tab, which is general.

For a frame of reference, it’s about 1.1 GB for 600 movies & 2800 TV shows & 100 other.

@garylapointe awesome…thank you!

So one Plex share I have, has about 350K of movies and TV shows. I think another Plex share has the same, while 2 others are slightly less. Will Infuse treat that metadata separately, in effect, fetching about 1 million titles in total? Would I be looking at about 50GB then? So far my Apple TV and MacBook have been fetching data for over a week now. What is it that Infuse does differently than Plex? I am sure I didn’t go through this process with Plex? Just curious.

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