New to forum please help! Purchasing Apple TV 1st Gen. Need answer!!

I will start by saying I’m a total noob…

In the process of purchasing a Apple TV 1st gen. with the latest firmware loaded on it.

My question (as stupid as it might be) is can this ATV still be jailbroken with latest firmware? & how difficult of a process is it? Also are there any pros or cons to jailbreaking a 1st gen ATV or 2nd? Don’t know if I should just hold out for a 2nd gen.

Thanks in advance.

The 1st gen models don’t actually require a jailbreak, and aTV Flash includes everything you need to get up and running.

If you want to take a peek at the install process beforehand, a complete guide can be found at the link below.

FIRECORE forgot to write that the Apple TV1 (silver edition) IT IS NOT COMPATIBLE with the new XBMC :frowning:
What a CRAP and a waste of money! They shoul not sell this product anymore!
I have been a customer for years!
For AppleTV2 gen works GREAT!

I agree - I just purchased this only to find out XBMC isn’t compatible with ATV1 - this is a scam!

Kind of confused about this statement:

ATV 1 is compatable with XBMC GOTHAM, NOT THEIR NEWEST REALEASE OF KODI THO… And not sure it ever will be?