new to ATVFlash couple of problems in need of help

Hi I purchased ATVF over the holidays, in general pleased with it but have 2 issues I cant seem to find an answer for,

My configuration is I have a new 160 GB ATV and a maxter 500Gb ext hard drive. All works fine in the main. However:-

  1. When watching most videos (DVD’s ripped) the ATV plays smoothly (via NitoTV) but every so often there is a freeze frame for a second then it carrried on…is this as it goes from one VOB file to another?? maybe not I dont know but it happens maybe every few minutes, only for a brief second. It occurs on I would say most DVD’s. What can I do to cure?

  2. I can not get the wireless keyboard to work properley with ATVF…I have a usb keyboard, it works fine as its new, some keys seem to work and reduce volume etc, but when I want to use keys to type in web addresses it does nothing…help?

Your help on this would be appreciated.


psburley, you are not alone! The keyboard support broke, apparently, with the v4.0 software and ATV v3.

They just released v4.0.4…maybe the keyboard support has returned.

Keyboard support is available in 4.0.4. Simply navigate to the Manage Plugins menu (under Maintenance) and install the ‘Keyboard Magic’ item.

Indeed, Keyboard support (at least for an Adesso keyboard I use) has improved.

I can now type text, (eg into URLs), so that has been restored.

What it doesn’t seem to support (or I just don’t know how to activate it) is general scrolling around a web page or just left/right scrolling. I can scroll up down, using the right hand side of the keypad, in the Finder menu columns or on a web page.

The rest of the keypad doesn’t respond…and I can’t scroll left/right.


The current version of Keyboard Magic is a beta version. Many other keyboard features will be added shortly.