new to aTV jailbreak : 4.x to 5.3 ?


I bought 2 years ago on ebay an aTV2 jailbreaked with aTV flash preinstalled. It is still in 4.x.

I would like to upgrade it to 5.3 for unthetered jailbreak and install a fresh (and legal) aTV Flash (just bought with cultofmac deal)

I read that apple still signing 5.3. Is it true ?

I dont want to brick my apple tv so how can i do that ?



Yes you can just run season pass and it will install 5.3 unthethered jailbreak.

What are the risks ?


there’s no risk because apple is still signing 5.3 and besides since your unit is already jail broken with a flash it’s liekly all of the previous blobs were saved if you were using it.

I never upgraded it since i bought it so i dont have the blobs

i tried to install the latest seasonpass

when i launch season pass it ask to plug the atv2 to the usb.

But it didn’t recognise it. 


“No device detected”

I have Osx mavericks and the Atv is in 4.2.2

What should i do ?

plug your ATV2 into your mac and restore it in itunes then without unplugging it run season pass



if you been using the flash automatically saves them so yes you will have all the blobs saved of all the untetered releases since you had it

it was because of the cable. it has not enough power for the aTV. I changed for another and it works ! :slight_smile:

Now i’m in 5.3 unthetered with a legal aTV Flash !


Thanks everyone !