New titles showing up multiple times

I have tried clearing all metadata and rescanning, but it happens again. I tried searching but didn’t see an answer - so does anyone know why this is happening and how to fix it?

I guess we all need more info in order to answer or help. File name? Location? Hardware?

Seems to be a problem with the metadata fetching, Infuse identify two differents movies as the same and put the same metadata for both. I had this issue for X-Men and X-Men Last Stand, they were both showing up with X-Men Last Stand. Just identify which one isn’t matched correctly and search manually the correct metadata by entering the title in the “edit” section.

It’s not even that it’s two different files. I added the Lego Movie, for example, and Infuse does its scan when I next open the Movies folder and then suddenly the Lego Movie shows up twice on the screen. If I play one, and then stop and play the other it just continues where it was left off.

Are you streaming via UPnP?

We’ve seen a few cases of this, and are looking into what’s causing it.

Yes, I am indeed.

Any news on this subject as it happens with me a lot.

Many thanks

I am having a similar issue but in my case some files result in multiple icons in the listing.

I’m using Infuse to show content from a NAS via SMB.

For example, I get several pages of listings for Chappie, and I deleted that movie from my archive ages ago.

I tried clearing the Metadata cache and the listings are still here and quickly load new metadata.

same problem here, do we have afix