NEW THING "username and password combination not right"

Hi, don’t under estimate this issue.
Before doing some terminal setting for my python progamming environment, infuse works perfectly, but today after set back terminal shell from bash to zsh, and reboot my macbook air m1, my infuse stopped working throwing that “combination not right” error. I have changed my login password at mac, but changed back. I have tried all available methods, including that checking sharing setting at mac. Nothing worked!!!

Could someone help please ?

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First, what version number of Infuse are you using and to clarify, what are you running Infuse on and what are you using as a server? The same machine for both? Just trying to get a picture of what your set up is.

sorry to waste your time, I solved it. Infuse still is great!

The only waste is if you don’t tell us what you did to fix it so anyone else who may run across a similar problem may be able to get an idea from your solution.

Was a stupid experience, I did not put username in that setting box, only entered password, I thought my Mac name is used as user name, be careful people. You need to type in both your Macbook user name and password, Macbook name showed on infuse setting != username.

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