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I noticed new ”pro subscription” options, some of them are with discount. Till when these discounts will be available? There was a 28% discount for the lifetime subscription a few hours ago and now only 25%. When trying to subscribe it only shows monthly and anual options.

Same for me
I received an email from firecore mentioning there will be in app purchase for lifetime upgrade , i can only see the monthly and annual subscriptions

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You can switch between the yearly and monthly options in the app or via the Subscriptions section in the App Store.

The Lifetime option is only available through the app.

For how long these discount will be available? Will you do the 28% discount again?

Depending on what you originally purchased, the discount may be available for awhile. More info on this can be found here. Proper infuse 5 upgrade cost? - #5 by james

I’m a little bit confused.

The in-app-purchase of a lifetime upgrade in the app store is currently (20/12) priced with 32,99€. The reduced price is offered to everyone (and not only to customers who are still on v4 of the app).

I’m on the subscription model (annual subscription) and don’t get the special price. Rather, the app offers me the lifetime upgrade for 49,99€ as in-app-purchase.

Does that mean that the reduced price for the lifetime upgrade is only offered to new customers? If so, why?

In addition to my previous post, please see the attached screenshot with the current pricing of infuse 5 in the app store.


have question - i have paid 7,49 EUR for yearly subscription via Infuse in-app purchase. I cannot see lifetime subscription with my account. Additionally, will I pay 7,49 EUR also the next year or the price will increase to 9,90 EUR?

The reduced price is only available to v4 users, though the list in the App Store will show ‘popular’ In-App Purchases, so that’s why the special is listed there.

It’s only possible to purchase the lifetime option through the app itself.

Your subscription price is locked in for life, and will never increase. So, if you subscribed at 7,49 EUR that is the price you all you renewals will be at.

The recent subscription price increase only applies to new users who subscribe on or after Dec 18.

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