New "Sort By Resolution" not correct for some TV shows

Was just checking out the new sort feature in the library for TV shows that breaks out Full HD, HD, and SD. Several TV seasons are listed under the SD sort but all of the episodes in that season are 720p.

It also appears that if a season has mixed resolutions it still shows the whole season under the sort.

When it does this it makes the sort useless unless it can be changed to show only the episodes that match the sort criteria.

@James Any info on this?

Can you run one of these videos through MediaInfo and attach the specs here?

Here are the video specs for one of the 10 episodes and they are all withing a few pixels of being identical. These show up in the SD resolution sort in the Library as “Series Name - Season 3” with all episodes listed even though they are all 720 res.


Just to add a bit more info.

I created a group of 5 test videos each with a different resolution. I then named them so as to be recognized as a TV series season one with each resolution being a different episode. When I place that group into one of my shares the Library picked it up fine but when you go to Library > TV Shows > By Resolution > Full HD, HD, SD it shows the test season 1 with all episodes regardless of resolution in all three sorts. The resolutions are 360X240, 640X360, 720X480, 1280X720, and 1920X1080

To be of any real value, it needs to show only the files that match the selected resolution such as only Full HD or only HD episodes, not all episodes in that season regardless of resolution.

I sent you the test files so we could talk apples to apples.


Just following up to make sure you got the sample files.

Thanks for the info.

I think this is expected right now, as the season would be tagged with multiple resolutions. This means if you have a season with both SD and HD episodes, the season would be accessible through both SD and HD categories.

If you can’t limit the results to only those files that fit the criteria for the resolution it makes it impossible to find a show easily that you can play on a slower connection or if you are trying to update your library and are trying to find lower resolution files to replace.

This would be like showing all movies in a collection when you sort by release date just because one of those movies was released in that date range.

Please consider changing this so as to not group entire seasons in a resolution sort unless it’s all that resolution.