New site confusing

First it made me choose a category, I chose suggestions as it was first.
I tried to find a spot that explained how this site works. No luck.
I also wanted to what was the last update and what was included. Typing update in the search was a nightmare.
If someone can help with these two thing will be a good start.
Thanks in advance.

Future plans are here:

Last release notes are here:

Not sure about how to use off hand

If you had scrolled a little further down the page you’d have run across the “Site Feedback” forum which has a place to ask questions and read others answers to their questions regarding the site. Feel free to look around and get a feel for how things work. :slight_smile:

I have to admit that despite using discourse for years, it has never gotten less confusing for me. It just always feels disorganized, and by disorganized I mean it always feels like it’s moving things around constantly, like I can never find something the same way twice.

Discourse has a handy guide which outlines some of the basics, which can be a good place to start when getting familiar with the new site.