New Siri Remote Jogwheel bug

Hi, this has kind of been mentioned briefly way back in May but not since.

I got the new Siri Remote today and there is a bug in the jog wheel operation that if you try to run your thumb round the wheel too quickly (by which I mean a sensible quick speed), the cursor just goes back and forth.

You have to rotate really slowly for it to continuously move forward…which negates the point of a jog wheel to quickly scroll through.

Can this be improved to accept more normal, usable operation?

You need to tap and hold until the wheel pops up on the screen then you can scrub. This is the way Apple set it up to work, unfortunately.

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oh I know that - and I have the working. I am saying if you are too quick rotating your thumb around the wheel it malfunctions by going back and forth.

you have to scrub slowwwwwly for it to work properly.

that said I have since tried it in the YouTube app and it suffers exactly the same issue so it is probably on the Apple side, not Infuses.