New Share - Timeout error 60 for SMb

Ive moved from XBMC on my ATV 2 to ATV flash and am excited to get it up and running. I have everything installed on the ATV and am trying to set up some shares. When I try to add a new share though I get an Error 60 Timeout.

I am connecting to a Windows 7 machine. I have shared out the dir I store my media in and am able to connect to it using other Windows 7 pc’s and from an Asus oPlay that uses SMB as well

any suggestions for troubleshooting this? Please let me know

It’s annoying. I have exact same problem. People start a few topics with this problem . But developers do not care and they never responded.

Is this issue happening when testing the connection, or after the share was setup?

Happens with both the Test Connection and if I save it and try it from the My Media menu

Would you mind sending in a bug report?

sure thing. I will do it tonight when Im home.


Thanks for the replies!


i have sent you a bug report. Thanks

I sent a bug report last night as well.

Yea i had the same thing happen. but i had just installed all the new software and firmware and it was all set up and working using the SMB through the media player software and then turned it back on the next day and it will not connect.

And now it is stuck on the apple logo and wont let me in :frowning:

What version of firmware did you install? If it one of the 4.4.x series then at this time the Jailbreak is tethered which means if the ATV2 ever loses power it needs to be connected to the PC/Mac that did the jailbreak so that SeasonPass can be used to complete the boot process. The symptoms described are what is expected after power loss of and kind (deliberate or accidental).

With the newest version of ATV Flash my SMB shares are working!

Awesome! That’s great to hear. :)

Sorry, I should say that with the Newest version of Media Player I am able to access my SMB shares. Im happy either way

I update to new media player. And my problem still exist

A couple of users have posted they were successful in connecting an SMB share. What am I missing? Is there a page with explicit instructions? Something like “SMB to Windows 7 for Dummies” would be terrific.

Try these two guides.

I’m in the same boat - I have had my ATV2 sharing seamlessly with XBMC for almost a year now so the setup and file sharing is all fine. For the life of me I cannot figure out why I get the Timeout Error 60 message. I have setup 2 shares - (1 as Guest as I use this to connect to my macs) and both of them pass the connection test. 


I have:

smb//:WORKGROUP/Pete and it passed Test Connection


Any help would be much appreciated


I found that the connection worked best, when I used the actually IP address of the Windows PC, were I have my shares.

For some reason, the URL did not work.