New Sapphire Release

I have all but given up on when a ATV 2.2 compatible version of Sapphire will be released, has it been discontinued? Also what happened to ATV files this has also disappeared. Does anyone have any information on both these products or know what can be used as an alternative?

I really hope this gets sorted, I upgraded to 2.2 without really reading the changes and was horrified to see Sapphire / ATV missing.
I tried to play around with XBMC but don’t like it, way too complicated compared to the ease of use that Sapphire gives me.

So I had to do a factory restore have gone back to 2.0.2, luckily I keep all my old files to patch it again.

Hopefully we will have an update that will allow us FULL 2.2 compatibility.


Thanks and keep up the good work.


any updates?

In case you don’t know this I wanted to let you all know that we have no association with the developers of Sapphire. I wish we had direct contact with them, but we rely on them to release the product before it can be included in the patch. My best procedure to try and get them to see the demand is to post here:

cheers matey, much appreciated

Sapphire Browser beta 6.5 now supports AppleTV 2.2 and 2.3.

Its here

Thank God its been too long

Is their a quick and easy way to install this, or directions for a noob?


An updated version of aTV Flash which includes Sapphire will be available on 1/6.

Yay!!! Sapphire is back!!! No more fighting with metadata in Boxee for me! The other features are awesome, but janky metadata issues put Sapphire on the must-have list.