New Sapphire just released is it coming to aTV soon?

I was just checking the sapphire browser website and I see it has a new version just released that is for the apple tv 3.0
Is aTV going to update the flash program with it???

Lets hope so but i guess they got to sort out the 3.0.1 issue first

If you’re still on AppleTV 3.0 with aTV Flash 4.0, the new version of Sapphire can be installed through the Maintenance > Manage Plugins menu.

I haven’t upgraded at all yet, once I saw that Sapphire was missing I was waiting till
it was available

Has anyone updated Sapphire yet? and is it working okay??? is it safe to upgrade yet?

Okay I tried that and I get an error message and have to restart the machine. Why can’t I install the new Sapphire?

Okay got the latest flash and now everything is just fine…

You need aTV Flash 4.0.1. You can view the currently installed version in Maintenance > About.

I am new to this aTV community. I found out today Sapphire 7.6 method of naming their movie cover images on Movies. I had a list of 54 movies named accordingly to the previous version: NAME OF MOVIE FILE (dot) JPG

I moved my list of jpg images (54 of them) to this location:

I found out that the NEW version of Sapphire 7.6 now recognizes NOT the name of the movie file but the NUMBER sequence used in

For example: Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)

Instead of saving in the @MOVIES folder a JPG file named: Raiders of the Lost Ark.jpg
Now its saved in this manner: Searching in IMDB for this MOVIE TITLE it takes me to this page

The important part is the # sequence at the end: tt00892971
It seems that Sapphire ignores not only the LETTERS but ALL ZERO’S (0) PRIOR to the first NUMERICAL NUMBER ABOVE ZERO (0)

So this NEW movie poster is recognized as: 892971.JPG

And that’s it. I did this to ALL 54 movies and had 100% POSITIVE return. ALL Previous MOVIES COVERS that where valid in the previous version are now VALID in the NEW 7.6 version.

I hope I explained well … its REALLY simple. Enjoy!

I guess that means from now on if you want to use your own choice of poster you have to name it with the numbers
to the @MOVIES folder
When I upgraded to the new aTV version and first went to use Sapphire it asked to update the metafiles
which then made all my posters show up so luckily I didn’t have to rename them… whew
Just cyberducked to the folder and sure enough there are all the numbers jpg’s along with the original
with the movie names.
Good work in figuring the new system out for us that sure will help me alot in the future :smiley:

Agreed but its a real nightmare for me as I have almost 1,000 movies most of the covers I found myself as the ones which Sapphire fond were not very good. When Sapphire does update your meta data it does not use your existing posters but fetching new ones from the Internet (unfortunately), now i have to go to each move and change the cover name to a number according to IMDB, a real pain in the butt.

WRONG! If your posters are there when you do the upgrade, Sapphire will move them to its new naming structure for every single movie that it knows about.

This change was necessary for several reasons, namely that several movies have the exact same name (especially in the case of remakes), so the name is not unique in identifying a movie. IMDB numbers are. You’ll notice the same was done with TV episodes as well.

But in the future if I want to use an alternate movie poster rather than the ones Sapphire found do I rename my chosen
poster to the the number that the movie site has?

Well I can tell you from experience, I updated my ATV along with Sapphire and I had selected the majority of my movie poster other sites not, yet Sapphire when upgrading replaced all my posters with the default posters from Now I have to manually go and change everything again.

Then you did something wrong.