New Problem with tethered 5.2.1/5.3 JB on ATV2

Hey guys,


I had a tethered jailbreak on my ATV2 5.2.1 using the instructions here:




Unfortunately the fuse tripped and the power went out for the ATV2, and when you try to turn it on it doesn’t work.  So I thought I need to jailbreak again.


I’ve followed the instructions again, but every time I connect the USB to my Mac and try to enter DFU mode, seasonpass unexpectedly quits.  Can’t seem to get past that point.




Don’t want to restore in iTunes to 5.3 as that would lose my jailbreak ability!  Any help!?

5.3 has a tethered jailbreak too, so that wouldn’t be a problem for you.

see here for a list

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Thanks for the reply.  


I tried the process again after restoring with 5.3.


However, after the device gets into DFU mode, and seas0npass opens up iTunes to begin the restore process, nothing actually happens in iTunes.  No restore process, nothing.  It just opens up and I get the Apple TV Screen, with the option to restore my Apple TV if I am experiencing any problems.  And seas0npass just says “Restoring in iTunes. Please wait while script is running…” I’ve waited several minutes.



Note, I had to follow the advice in this thread because DFU mode was difficult to achieve:



However, I unplugged the power cable after DFU mode was entered and iTunes started up. Also in a different attempt, after DFU mode was entered, before iTunes started up.



Now what do I do!? (Don’t know why I’m having so many problems this time, I’ve done this at least twice before!)

It looks like seasonpass created the IPSW, so open Itunes, click on the restore button while holding SHIFT (shift in PC or I think command in MAC)  and select the IPSW that seasonpass created. You will have to locate the file, it will be named something like AppleTV2,1_5.3_sp_Restore.ipsw. Make sure it has the “SP” and “5.3” in the name. From therte it should jailbreak.

Thanks so much for your help.  I remember having to do that in the past, just forgot about it!


(btw, it’s Alt/Option on Mac :D)