New Playlist Feature Suggestions

The implementation of playlists in Infuse 6.2 is a very welcome addition! I’ve already started compiling “Favorites” playlists for each family member.

Here are a few suggestions that I think could make the feature even better (I’m referring to the iOS app, but I would like to see similar functionality in the tvOS app as well. Please reply with your suggestions.

  • Ability to set a playlist artwork/cover. Currently, the first title in the playlist determines the artwork. If you make any changes, you can select “Refresh Artwork” and it will update. I was surprised when I saw this menu item at first because I thought Firecore sneakily added the ability to refresh/update artwork for all titles.

  • Ability to tap and hold on any movie artwork for a haptic touch menu that contains the same menu items when you tap on the movie, then the ellipses.

  • Ability to manually sort playlists. Intuitively, I tried tapping and holding on a playlist to see if it would activate a rearrange function. The ellipses menu items are not currently functional. I would like to be able to rearrange playlists in the same way titles can be rearranged within the playlists.

  • When adding a playlist title, I think the first letter of each word should be automatically capitalized.

  • Please enable the ability to sort titles within specific playlists according to release date. I would also like to be able to sort by rating. Ideally, I would like to be able to sort according to ratings. Maybe one day…

  • In list view, I would like to see release dates below or next to titles.

  • I feel like the “Playlists” option in the search menu would be better placed below maybe “Unwatched”, above “Collections”. Especially because I think everyone is used to “All Movies” being at the top.

  • Ability to add “Playlists” to favorites (this function is currently grayed out).


Add a folder of SMB sharing to favorites

I love the playlist feature, but I agree on the disappointment of not being able to sort. Any sorting would be a start. My playlist only shows movies in the order they were added. The playlist is great for music videos using the shuffle option, just wish there was a sort option.

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Curious as to when we may expect to see greater functionality with playlists.


  • remo

+1 on this one

Same I would really like to be able to choose artwork for playlists and ideally have the option to view in standard grid view like normal browser rather than big rectangles.