New, Out of the Box Apple TV2, want to Jailbreak, how?

Hey Y’all.  Need some help here.  I just received a brand new, out of the box, never opened, Apple TV 2.  I’m looking to jailbreak it but not quite sure how.  I already have a jailbroken Apple TV 2, but I did it quite a while back and it’s running Apple TV Software 5.0.2 (4250).  Do I have to connect it to iTunes or connect it to my TV to run it through initial settings?  Also, since it’s brand new shouldn’t it be on 4.3?  How would I find this out?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  

Best to wait for new jailbreak 5.3 untethered, Apple is still supporting 5.3. I am hoping it will be out soon.

pop it into seasonpass and jail break it on 5.3 then follow ookamii’s reply in untethered 5.3 below your post




Plug it into your TV, go to settings–>about, it will tell you there.

No need to run it through initial settings, upon jailbreak it will act like a brand new one and you set it up then.

This is what the settings are.  What do you guys suggest?  I would perfer untethered.  Thx in advanced.  



just plug it into season pass and click on creat ipsw that’s it then go into nito and click on untethered. f for some odd reason you want to save 4.3 use tiny umbrella, or ifaith so save them



I keep trying to run seas0npass, but it keeps saying that it “fails to detect Apple TV”  I think it might be the USB cord that I’m using.  It’s 15ft long.  Any suggestions on which one to buy?  


Scratch that.  Just did it.  Is this a tethered jailbreak?  I’ve never used a tethered version before.  What exactly do I do?  

its untethered jb…did you choose the firmware or just click the create ipsw?


you don’t have to use it tethered now that it’s jail broken tethered. open season pass on the right you will c boot tethered follow the steps once it’s on . go to nito tv(if you have a flash install it at this point if not, you have to ssh into the unit and run the comands for nito) once you have nito tv installed click on it and the very first line will read untether boot click on it and install that’s it.

Thanks all for all the help.  Especially you Michael.  Figured out it WAS the cable and that all I had to do was hold it on an angle while it Seas0nPass did it’s thing.  


yes Jack, you are welcome don’t forget to go into nito and up date the software for it to be untethered. don’t do to much configuration to it once you have it up and running because james said that firecore is going to release a verison later this week hopefully it’s 5.4 that way you will have to jail break it all over again