New need help with external HDD/router or NAS setup

Hi all,

I just got my Infuse pro subscription on my ATV 4K, currently I have a macbook air and external HDD connected to the macbook, I was able to homeshare and get access to my files on the infuse pro app on the ATV 4K. However, I want a solution where I don’t have to have the external HDD connected to the macbook. I read somewhere that I can attach my external HDD to my router, I am not sure as to how and if this will work.

I have a fios quantum router that has usb connection, but will it work and if show what are the steps?

If this will not work then what are my alternate solutions?

“Will it work?”

In theory: plug it in, then it should appear as a network drive in Infuse and on other devices.

Might require some setting manipulation in the router’s web interface, but probably not.