NEW Music media player A++

Hi Guys what a magic job you did onn the mucis player , and i love the slidshow feature,  well done,  do yopu know if the ATV2 can play Flac Files?



Just wondering if the ability to get the album art from lastfm is available on ATV 1 and if not, will it or anything else ever be added on for it?


Forgive me if this is the incorrect place to post…


I have to agree, this is an awesome feature! Is there any chance of enabling it for homeshared devices? Or is it and I am missing something?

Thanks! Glad to hear you’re enjoying it.

Support for FLAC files is planned for an upcoming version, no ETA just yet though.

Not for ATV1 at the moment - it may be added at some point down the road.

Unfortunately the slideshow feature is only available through Media Player. Sorry.  


No problem! love the slideshow feature too.


Just so I know - will anything be added to ATV1 at all or is it a dead dog and not worth kicking anymore?

A+++ from me if Firecore implement visualization and iso support. I love leaving visualization on my 50" plasma TVs.