New movies detected by old, duplicate metadata is displayed for them

I often change the movies on my DLNA server, a pretty standard use case. My server database is kept up-to-date correctly (I actually let it rebuild the db completely every time).

However, Infuse lists duplicate movies rather than the new movies, every time I make a change. Infuse knows that the number of movies has changed but it doesn’t correctly update their names.

I have to clear metadata in order to see the correct listing, which is really annoying.

If it can’t be automatic, maybe we need a way to refresh metadata for a single favourite?

We’ve had a few reports of this, but haven’t had any luck replicating it here.

The next time this happens can you try browsing the share through the Settings > Shares menu to see if the duplicates are listed there as well?

Will do so.


Finally remembered to post here after seeing this. As a reminder I’m using DLNA.

Duplicates appear in thumbnails.

No duplicates (correct filenames) appear when browsing the share via settings.

In this server change I added one movie, Magnolia, and didn’t remove any other movies/files.

Second image attached to this message.

Thanks. This is actually quite helpful.

We’ll take a look and see what we can find.

It’s odd that there are two duplicates when I only added one file, and that they’re at the end of the list and not in the position the new movie sits.

Has a resolution been determined for this yet? Experiencing the same exact thing.


I’m observing the same. I also noted that the duplication happen in the “All Videos” view but not for example in the view by folder or by date.
Is there a resolution for this problem yet ?

A number of improvements will be available in the upcoming 4.3 update, which we think may help. :slight_smile:


After updating to 4.3, I’m afraid but the issue is still there.
Any idea ?


Hi All,

After further investigation I just discovered my issue has nothing to do with infuse.
I had to patch the DLNA system I’m using.
The version 4.3 of infuse is working now gracefully with my DLNA system.

Thanks and sorry for the unadvised report.


Thanks for following up. :slight_smile:

I just solve this problem eliminating the duplicated shares in Files menu!!! It solves the duplicated titles on my library!