New Modern Layout for the Homepage

Hi James

Infuse is one of my favorite apps because it is fluid and it plays all my movies
.I find the media page very modern.

My question is the following, a lot of concept with ideas that come up on the home page.

Today we have several consecutive lines, we are often lost in our library.

Why not create a full screen widget highlighting our recent media, like Apple, Plex has recently done, why not Infuse?

The style of TVOS is simple But Great like this !

Capture d’écran 2021-11-03 à 09.06.41|690x387


What’s that app in your screenshot?

Apple TV app

This is not the AppleTV App :wink::joy:

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I see you know the apple TV app, Good

It’s true, looking at it we see the difference but the idea is the same.

Thank you for your remark :wink: