New Modem - Missing Folders

I’ve been using Infuse for years by connecting my hard drive to my modem and adding the share via Infuse on my Apple TV. I just installed a new modem (tp-link) and the new share will only show a fraction of the folders and movies I actually have. The files it shows work though.
Infuse 7.1.3 (same thing happens with infuse pro 6 on my iphone).
Apple TV - latest - 1.

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It sounds like it’s going to be a modem issue. Since it’s partially working there may be a setting or incompatibility with specific file types.

What model number modem and what hard drive? How are you connecting? SMB, FTP, DLNA, UPnP, etc?

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The current share defaults to using UPnP. My previous modem share setting showed DLNA. The current model modem is VR1600v. The hard drive is a WD my passport 4tb.

Looking at the manual for your modem I’d suggest you use SMB instead of UPnP. It will get you the full benefit of the Library in Infuse and will most likely solve the missing files issue too.

It may even already be showing in the shares setting in Infuse.

Thanks NC,
I’m keen to try setting up a new share using SMB.
I’m using my Apple TV and I’ve had a few tries at filling in the fields using the Modem’s IP and setting it to SMB. The connection just fails and I think it’s because I’m not entering the correct config details.
Is there a similar set of instructions which will allow me to set up the share on the Apple TV (or iPad)?

I’ve just had another go and it has worked. I think the difference was that the modem had some sort of user credential set up for the USB share already. I changed this and used it in setting it up on both devices using SMB. Thanks for your help today :slight_smile:

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Glad you got it whipped into shape!

Enjoy :wink:

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