New Member having trouble setting up a shared folder


I am new and am attempting to set up streaming content from infuse from my iMac to Infuse on my AppleTV.

I have followed the instructions however I am now stuck! I have successfully set up a shared folder on my iMac, as per the set up guides. My iMac is showing up in the infuse app on the Apple TV. From there in the “available shares” section, I click on my mac, however it is asking for a username & password. I have used every username under the sun I can think of & everyone is coming back with username & password don’t match?

I have used the username and password I use to login to my mac, I’ve used “Admin”,

Hope you can help, thanks

iMac: macOS 12.4 (Monteray)
Apple TV: tvOS 15.5.1

Welcome to the forum!

There’s a users guide that may help figure out what steps you may have missed.

I’d suggest creating a new user on the Mac for streaming and give them privileges to the folder/directory you have your video files on. Then use that for your Infuse user and password on the share instead of admin.

Hey, thanks heaps for your quick reply & info. I have figured it out… and of course it was a simple fix!

For others that have a similar issue. All I had to do was under System preferences>File sharing, click “options”, make sure “share files & folders using SMB” is checked (which I had)… then check on the relevant user account. By doing this, my username & password were accepted by the Apple TV app. Newby Mistake,

Thanks again.

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Glad you have it working! Enjoy :+1:

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